BIO for heidi kalyani

I've always been in love with paper and printing! When I was young I was delighted by photocopiers, rubber stamps (store-bought and homemade), and photo-sensitive paper - anything that could make multiple copies of my ideas! And then one day, before I turned twenty, I ventured into an import store in downtown Toronto and brought home my own block printed bedspread. A little while later, I bought a beautiful hard cover book that showed photos of the process, and it blew my mind! A recent pilgrimage to Rajasthan, India re-ignited my passion and inspired me to begin the *spark and blossom* project!

After many years of creating exclusively in the digital realm, I am delighted to be working with paper, ink and hand tools again. Yay for the non-digital world! I love the meditation of designing, carving, and printing, and hope that some of my images will make you happy!

In addition to illustrating and designing, I love photography, all kinds of textiles, reading, writing, hiking, spicy cooking, tea drinking, slow yoga, Turkish, Macedonian and Romani folk dances, Indonesian gamelan, day dreaming, and travelling. (And did I mention, tall boots?)

I live in a small house (with lots of sunlight!) in rural Nova Scotia.

You can view my digital art on, or follow my passion for block printing on pinterest.

heidi kalyani, 2014



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